Tips for New Drivers to Save on Auto Insurance

All responsible drivers need car insurance, however getting it might not be as expensive a proposition as we tend to believe. Here are some tips for new drivers which would help them understand their own preferences and get an insurance which caters to these the best.

There is always a chance that you might end up in a minor accident if you have just started driving. Thus opting for a claim that follows the ‘accident forgiveness’ policy on the first claim despite the fact that it was your fault can provide great peace of mind. There are some companies that offer this one time amnesty later in the relationship while there are some which provide it right at the beginning. The rates for such insurance might be slightly higher but at the end you might still benefit from them.

Having a good driving track record helps you get lower insurance premiums. On the other hand having too many tickets or car accidents to your name might get you a 10 to 15 percent higher premium. Similarly guys with good credit scores are preferred by insurance providers and enjoy a lower premium. Certain insurers offer ‘diminished value compensation’ for cars which have been in an accident. This is a great thing to have as after an accident your car might be repaired but it is hardly ever going to be the same.

Certain insurers offer insurance for almost all repairs in your car and not just for those on the driving train or major systems. The benefits offered by these offset by a greater premium so they need to be considered basis your requirements. There are certain models of cars which are high maintenance or are more prone to being stolen. Such models invite a greater insurance premium, thus keep this in mind before investing in a new set of wheels. Finally get some ‘gap insurance’ for that little bit extra that you might have to pay if your car gets totaled and you need to buy a new one.

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